Find Freedom From Your Symptoms

When Lucy first came to see me she was confused and overwhelmed by food. She was constantly hungry but afraid to eat because of her symptoms. “It seems like anything I eat makes me feel terrible, but I’m so hungry all the time!” She was constantly beating herself up for eating the “wrong” foods and although she had tried a lot of different elimination diets, had a hard time sticking to them. Her doctor diagnosed her with IBS and told her she’d just have to “figure out what was safe to eat.” Lucy felt frustrated and hopeless.

After a few weeks of working together, Lucy’s symptoms began to decrease significantly. She woke up each morning feeling energized instead of dragging herself out of bed. She stopped hyper-focusing on when and what she would eat next. She was able to eat out, anxiety free. Over the next several months, Lucy’s symptoms continued to improve and she was able to enjoy eating again.

Do you feel like Lucy?

Work with me and find the answers you desire and the support you deserve. 

“Christine’s professional experience and insight into nutrition and gut health has been invaluable in improving my overall health. Working with actual data about my microbiome motivated me to make lasting changes to my way of eating under Christine’s guidance. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone seeking to improve their diet and gut health.”

-Victoria S.

“Christine was so knowledgeable and supportive. She got me on the right track which led me to successfully lose weight each week, and helped me to feel better overall. She is always encouraging, positive and kind. She recognizes that people need information to be successful and that we are truly able to change our own lives. I have recommended her to many friends.”



  • Digestive Issues
  • Celiac, Hashimoto’s, and Other Autoimmune Disorders
  • ​Gluten Intolerance, Food Allergies​
  • Women’s Health​
  • Meal Planning


  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • ​Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)​
  • Chronic Constipation


  • In–network with Providence, Aetna, Bridgespan, PacificSource Commercial, and Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • For all other insurance carriers I can provide a Superbill
  • FSA/HSA cards accepted
  • Prompt pay (Cash Pay) discounts apply

Let’s Work Together to Find Freedom From YOUR Symptoms!


Christine is based in Eugene and Portland OR, but works with people all over the state of Oregon as well as Arizona, California, Colorado, New Jersey, and Virginia. 


“Several months ago out of sheer frustration, the online search began to find a registered dietician who could help me with my Celiac Disease, SIBO and Hashimoto’s Disease. Finding Christine has truly been a blessing. Finding myself at a point of no longer wanting or caring to eat, I needed someone to tell me what to eat and how to move forward each day. Christine understood me from day one. With her knowledge of my issues and how they intertwine, Christine has helped me change how I approach and eat food by developing dietary and nutritional protocols in addition to encouraging and challenging me to embrace and include my emotional and mental self on this journey.

Reaching out to Christine concerning your dietary issues is a must! Trust me, you will be glad you did! “

-Joan K.