Christine Madzik, RDN LD MA

My Approach to Nutrition Counseling

As someone who has experienced my own debilitating health challenges, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by our medical system. I know how important it is to have caring, professional guidance, not just with figuring out what to eat, but also with how to make the changes needed for health and healing. This is where a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist comes in! I am great at helping people figure out what to change and how to do it. I draw on functional medicine, mindfulness practices, and the latest research to help my clients make practical diet and lifestyle changes that work.

How do I do this? I look at how body systems relate to each other, recognizing that everything in our body, from our mood and sleep to our digestion and elimination, is interconnected. Rather than come up with a short-term quick fix, I look for the root causes of symptoms and disease, while also supporting you in accessing your personal body wisdom so you can eat with ease, trusting your own sense of what you need in each moment.

I also firmly believe that eating can and should be pleasurable! As someone who LOVES to cook and eat, I guide my clients towards foods that not only nourish, but also deeply satisfy.

Health is a journey, and I am here to support you wherever you are in yours. You deserve to feel healthy and at ease in your body. Let’s work together and find an approach that works for your body and your lifestyle.

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Christine Madzik, RDN, LD, MA

Christine Madzik, RDN, LD, MA

“After experiencing symptoms for 2+ years and finally being diagnosed with SIBO, I started working with Christine, which was a significant turning point for me. Prior treatment plans did not effectively address my symptoms and Christine took the time to fully understand my symptoms and lifestyle. Her extensive knowledge and careful process allowed me to experience an improvement in symptoms within 6 weeks. I appreciate Christine’s comprehensive approach, where she not only discusses diet but also explores lifestyle factors that may be impacting symptoms. Christine is a great listener, is easy to talk to, and always takes the time to thoroughly answer questions. She has been instrumental in helping me overcome SIBO symptoms and incorporate modifications to my lifestyle and eating habits that I intend to maintain. I am grateful that I met Christine and highly recommend her.”

Crystal S.


Location and Hours

Christine is based in Eugene and Portland, OR, but also works with people in the state of Oregon, Arizona, California, Colorado, and Virginia.

Hours are Monday – Friday, 9:30a – 4pm PT. Contact Christine or use my booking link to find an appointment time that works for you.

What makes an RDN different?

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is a board certified food and nutrition expert. RDNs go through extensive nutrition training, including 1200 hours of supervised practice, as well as continuing education to keep their registration current. In addition, RDNs are the only nutritionists legally qualified to give medical nutrition therapy. 

More about Christine…

In addition to running a nutrition practice, Christine is also the mother of two active kiddos. When she’s not in the kitchen whipping up her latest delicious concoction  you can find her reading, gardening, and spending time out in nature. Christine also loves to sing and act and holds a Masters degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Oregon.