Chronic Constipation

Chronic Constipation in a blue bathroom
Chronic constipation can be debilitating!

When Monica first came to see me, she was only having 2 bowel movements per week, with the aid of the Miralax her doctor had prescribed. She was extremely fatigued, depressed, and had widespread inflammation throughout her joints. Within 2 weeks of working together she began having regular bowel movements every other day, and within 6 weeks she was having regular bowel movements every day, without the aid of Miralax.

We also discovered Monica had a good amount of gut imbalances, so correcting this was a key part of her treatment plan. Her sleep, energy, and mental health all improved and by 2 months she felt “better than she had in years.” She went from barely being able to get out of bed, to training for a half marathon she plans to run.

Treatment for chronic constipation includes a thorough diet exploration, bathroom habit overhaul, and lifestyle changes. Most people find improvement in their symptoms after just 2-3 weeks of working together.

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